Significantly improve working efficiency


A cool calendar placed on your windows desktop used as a memo.

Double Commander GPL 2.0@SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/doublecmd/

A cross platform open source file manager, inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas


The fastest file/folder search tool by name.

A launcher with highly customizable features


An easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager.

GestureSign GPL 2.0@GitHub: https://github.com/TransposonY/GestureSign

A gesture recognition software for Windows tablet with touch screen.

Launchy GPL 2.0@SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/launchy/

The Open Source Keystroke Launcher.


Keep files at your fingertips. An unique search utility.

File manager for professionals.

A free alternative, with media preview, to Fences


Win+R for all your apps + all-in-one manager

Outlook on the Desktop MIT@GitHub: https://github.com/mscrivo/ootd

Direct & complete access to Microsoft Outlook right on the desktop


A file manager with quadra-view technique


A tiny launcher in way of icons.


A simple but powerful snipping tool by amazing elements detection, and also allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen

The best file manager for Windows.

WGestures MIT@GitHub: https://github.com/Wox-launcher/Wox

Modern mouse gestures for Windows. (C#)


Add Tabs to Any Application.

Free professional dock for Windows.

Wox MIT@GitHub: https://github.com/Wox-launcher/Wox

An effective launcher for Windows.

ZIKU! NO LICENSE@GitHub: https://github.com/OLEREO/ZIKU

A database-style launcher that can collect some detailed info