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    Can I quote any content?
    Of course you can. Just remember to claim source.
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    Can I suggestion a new app? What if I am developer of the app? And how?
    Anyone is welcome to suggest a new app to contribute.
    You can send feedback via email.
    But it is strongly recommended to use GitHub account to:
    • create a new issue with app name & official web on corresponding repository.
    • send me pull request to fix it directly.
      Contribution is always welcome anyway. Plus, pls also go through contribution guidelines.
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    Hey. PUA in your list!!!!
    Please refer Q2 to give your suggestion. We will investigate into it asap.
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    Why didn't you enable ebooks generation on GitBook?
    Considering that how great update the work amount and how high update frequency can be, a stable ebook release is NOT practical at all.
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