This repository is still under its alpha, please remember that if you are to make any comment

Besides conditions listed on our homepage, these apps should also 1. not apply unnecessary privileges. For example, a simple QRCode scanner should not require your position. 2. No notable memory leak. 3. Background-free, or an option to make them background-free if necessary on design. 4. not require root privelege. 5. Acceptable ads are only loaded when connected to Wi-Fi.

These types of apps will be excluded: 1. Apps only to make your Android look more awesome, like iconset. 2. IME. 3. Anti-virus. 4. Apps that free your storage, RAM or CPU. 5. Apps helps you aquire root privelege. 6. Cloud Drive. 7. E-doc itself, e.g. Learn JavaScript 8. Website wrapping PURELY, e.g. Pinterest


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